These homeless people…

These homeless people…

Are alone in the world.

Have a partner.

Have children.

Have community around them.

Have who families don’t know where they are.

Have families who cannot convince them to accept help.

Have Anosognosia and cannot see they need help.

Have created family on the streets.

Are old, young, families, singles.

Have mental illness.

Have drug addiction issues.

Have both.

Have neither.

Have abuse issues from childhood.

Or not.

Desperately want help but cannot find it.

Are doing the best they can.

Are trying to keep themselves together day by day.

Don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Continually travel.

Ground their lives in habit and routine.

Are angry.

Are violent.

Are fearful.

Are peaceful and compassionate.

Are fleeing a violent partner.

Are loved.

Are rejected.

Are scorned.

Are pitied.

Are human.