Tag: Homeless

  • How long does it take to get a 78 year old woman off the street?

    I’ll give you a hint: she’s now 79 and still on the streets.

  • At her sleeping spot

    I spotted her from the car by her rolling suitcase rather than by the scarf she always wears. The scarf, it turns out, is layered underneath the wool cape she has over her head. I call her name as she breathes in and out, a human covered in formless clothing. There is a blanket in…

  • Hi, I’m Dooley.

    Dooley is my family nickname from childhood. It seems most appropriate as a pen name because I will be writing about my family, my mother, her mental illness, and homelessness particularly. I would love to tell you I am embracing anonymity to protect my mother’s privacy. That is part of it, of course. The fact…