She’s going to disappear for a while

Footsteps going out into the snow indefinitely.

She asks me if I even spoke in Meddler. I tell her no, I don’t even know what Meddler is, except for what she has told me. She says it’s a communication system.

She says that someone in Meddler spoke to her who she hadn’t heard before. She had a young voice, which is unusual for the voices in Meddler. She says that she told her to tell me that she’s going to disappear for a while and not to worry.

She’s going to disappear for a while, like she’s done before, but this time she’s warning me. The voices in Meddler are warning her to warn me.

I want to know if she knows what she is saying. I asked her if she has any plans to disappear, if she has any plans to stop coming to see me. She answers only by saying what a weird message that is.

We had talked about this before, her disappearing. My feelings are hard for her to understand. I worry when she disappears, what happens to her on the streets when we don’t have any connection. Even so, her world is so full of pain and fear, my concerns pale in comparison.

She tells me this time. Through all of the challenges of her own experiences, she can tell me this time.